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Annie Mouse Books

Anne M. Slanina, Ph.D.

 The Poetry of Charles Barker

Charley Barker of Neosho, MO authored two poems inspired by the Annie Mouse books.  Angel Vision,  was inspired by Annie Mouse Meets a New Friend and Saving Billy was inspired by the book Baby Brother Goes to the Hospital.  After being gifted with the previously mentioned poems, the author was inspired to write a book based on the poetry of Charley Barker.  The poem, Where the Rainbow Touches Ground, inspired the fourth book in the Annie Mouse Series.  The poem is included on the last page of that picture book and appears below with permission of the author. 

Where the Rainbow Touches Ground

I wasn’t always what you see.

For years I sped around,

Seeking that enchanted nook

Where the Rainbow touches ground.

I wanted fame and fortune…

But neither could be found,

So many times raced past the spot

Where the Rainbow hits the ground.

The passing years kept whispering,

Slow down. Look around.

The instant truth dawned on me,

The Rainbow touched the ground!

For the pot of gold is the human heart,

And the spectrum’s from above

Where the two touch Earth together,

Lives the treasure we call Love!

                                             Charley Barker ©2008




Miss Molly Mole

Lived in a hole

Her Dad dug in the ground

Safe and quiet


They felt their way around.

Annie and Molly

Became best friends

Oh! What time they had!

‘Till PREJUDICE reared its ugly head

Which made them very sad.

“Annie, she is just a “MOLE”

“And, even worse, she’s blind”

“Come back, and be OUR playmate,

Or have you lost your mind?”

The guardian angel

Made things right

For angels are so wise.

For angels see INTO our hearts…


With our eyes.

           Charles Barker ©2009


Saving Billy


Mouse was all upset

Her life just came apart

Mom and Daddy were so mean!

The thought just broke her heart.

Baby brother Bill turned blue

Had a big "Op-ra-shun"

No word of explanation

Confusing situation.

"Billy can't come home?"

He's tied down in a cage!

Annie to the rescue

She flew into a rage.

Her guardian angel rescued HER.

For angels make things right

And in a loving nurse's arms

Annie slept away the night.

--Charley Barker, June 11, 2007