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Activities for Kids and Adults to Share Together

Text Box: In Annie Mouse Meets a New Friend, Molly Mole teaches Annie to read Braille.  Click here for a copy of the Braille alphabet and to learn more about it. 
Braille alphabet card


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Text Box: Dulcimer Information
I love dulcimer music and play both mountain and hammered dulcimers for fun. I love to show them when I make author visits.  Don’t know what they are? Learn more here:
Route 66 Information
Learn more about Annie’s Route 66 Adventure here:


Make a “Mouse Ears” headband to wear while reading the books!


Find the photograph here


Find the directions here


Text Box: Parents/Teachers Information
 Molly Mole and Annie are bullied in Annie Mouse Meets a New Friend. Click on the link below for help with this common problem for children in schools.
Resources for helping children cope with bullying

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Resources for Parents and Teachers

Be sure to read the bibliotherapy article posted on my web site and check out the resources listed.  Please feel free to notify me of any resources you think I might want to know about, too!

Don’t forget to read the Guide for Adults for Understanding and Communicating with Young Children .