Annie Mouse Books

Revised Text Edition

Annie Mouse Meets Her Guardian Angel

Written by Anne M. Slanina, Ph.D.

Illustrated by Lisa Akers Slanina

Revised Text  Edition ©2008

8 1/2 x 11, soft cover, 44 full color pages

This edition is available in soft cover only


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Annie Mouse Meets her Guardian Angel is the first in a series of Annie Mouse books that look at the world through young children’s eyes.  Annie is a shy, quiet mouse with many brothers and sisters.  In this episode, Mommy is having a difficult time coping with raising a large family.  When her Mommy yells, Annie believes it is because she is a bad girl and thinks that her Mommy doesn’t love her.  A visit from her Guardian Angel helps Annie understand that her mother does lover her, but yells because she is overwhelmed.  When Annie prays to God, she has a visit from her Guardian Angel who reassures her that she is loved and helps her to understand that Mommy has too much to do.  Annie begins to help her mother with the chores instead of running and hiding when her Mommy yells.


If you’re a parent and have ever lost your patience with your child, (and what parent hasn’t!) you’ll want to sit down and read this book with your child.



ISBN   978-0-9793379-2-5

Front Cover of Revised Text Edition

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